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Hate Crime Awareness Week

As part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week, Dudley’s Community Safety partnership, is raising awareness of hate crime.

During the week, which runs from 12 to 19 October, the safe & sound partnership is reminding people that hate crime is when someone is hostile to another person because of their disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation.

Nationally, it is estimated by the police that half of all hate crimes go unreported and the partnership wants people to know how reports can be made in Dudley borough.

People can report in confidence through a third party reporting centre or using the new West Midlands Police hate crime app.

Councillor Laura Taylor, cabinet member for housing, communities and residents’ welfare, said:

"Research shows that hate crimes are under reported across the country.

"Many people think that hate-related messages on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram don’t count, but they absolutely do.

"I’d encourage anyone who is or thinks they might be a target of a hate crime to report and visit the safe & sound website to find out more."

People can find out more about hate crime, including third party reporting centres and access the hate crime app by visiting or calling Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345.

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