safe & sound is a partnership made up of public sector and voluntary organisations covering Dudley borough.

By actively working together it aims to address community concerns around crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour and substance misuse.


Responsible Authorities are under a statutory duty to ensure that key agencies come together to work in partnership in a Community Safety Partnership.


They are also expected to invite a range of local private, voluntary, other public and community groups including the public to become involved in the strategy process.

Responsible Authorities include:

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Safe & Sound (Dudley’s Community Safety Partnership) is a Statutory Partnership.It is set up in accordance with the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and its subsequent amendments as well as other relevant legislation.

Priorities for the Community Safety Partnership are identified through Dudley Borough’s Strategic Assessment and consultations and in line with legislative requirements. 2020/21 priorities will include-

  1. Tackling and Reducing Violent Crime (including gang and knife related crime)

  2. Reducing Reoffending – including links to Youth Offending Service – under 18s and First Time Entrants and a focus on females who offend

  3. Reducing Victimisation (including Domestic Violence and Abuse and Violence Against Women and Girls Agenda)

  4. Reducing Vulnerability – (including Substance Misuse, Mental Health, Modern Slavery, Prevent)      

  5. Reducing Burglaries (links to organised car crime)   

  6. Anti-Social Behaviour – (Including the development of a place based approach to ASB and other “issues”)

In conjunction with the above priorities there will be a focus on the High Impact Areas, Online Risks and Harms as well as listening and involving “people”. The priorities will be taken forward through sub-groups of safe & sound (Dudley’s Community Safety Partnership) and link in with the sub-groups of Dudley’s Safeguarding Peoples Partnership Board, Dudley’s Youth Offending Service Management Board.

There are formal links between safe & sound (Dudley’s Community Safety Partnership) Dudley’s Health and Wellbeing Board. The priorities from the Health and Wellbeing Strategy are taken into consideration through the work of the Safe & Sound Sub-Groups.

There are also formal links to work that takes place at a regional level for example with the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office, the West Midlands Wide CSP, Modern Slavery and Reducing Reoffending.

Through working in partnership safe & sound will contribute to the Borough’s vision in respect of building healthy and resilient communities.