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Online safety top tips

It's Valentine's Day and may people find love online. Have fun and keep safe with our online safety top tips...

  • Get knowledge of how the social media you use works, Put your account on private and research/ check privacy settings

  • Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know - don’t take it as certain that people are in real life, who they say they are online

  • Don’t give out personal information unless you know it’s safe to do so

  • THINK before you say something on social media – how does it look/read to others?

  • Make sure you send private messages ONLY to your intended recipient. A “wrong send” could lead to someone else learning something about you, that you may not want them to be aware of. Once they have seen it, they can’t “unsee” the information

  • If you share pictures and information about others, always get their permission to do so

  • It’s not just your own reputation to consider. A bad mistake online could embarrass….Your family….Your friends…. Your employer…..Your school!

  • Enjoy yourself!!!

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