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Safety for new students

Starting a new school or college is an exciting time. You will make new friends, have fun and learn lots of new things! But it’s also a time where you may be unfamiliar with your surroundings, so stay safe with our tips below:

Out of sight

Keep your personal property safely away and out of sight. Students can be easy targets for criminals as they assume you have mobile phones, laptops and other technology. Keep your valuables hidden. Don’t carry large sums of money, and take care at cashpoints.


When travelling to school or college – avoid walking alone. Walk in groups if you can, especially as the darker nights draw in. If you can’t walk with friends, let someone know your route and call when you arrive. Plan your route in advance and avoid walking through alleyways, car parks and unlit areas.

Tell someone

Starting a new school can be difficult, bullying can take lots of different forms and sometimes you might not realise it is happening to you. It can be physical: kicking, hitting, pushing, damaging belongs, verbal: name calling, mocking, threats, emotional: leaving people out, ignoring, gossiping or cyber-bullying: bullying by text, phone calls, instant messenger and more.

Tell someone – you’re not the only one. More advice about bullying.


Being a student can be stressful, if you’re going through a difficult time Samaritans can help 24-7.

If you would like to report an incident or get advice and support on a difficult situation you maybe facing you can contact West Midlands police, or call 101 for non-emergencies. Always call 999 if you think you are in immediate danger or have an emergency.

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