Stay safe on social media

Social media allows billions of people worldwide to connect, share photos, thoughts and personal experiences. It can be a great way for people to make friends and get social, but the nature of having thousands of users that are unknown to you means it carries a degree of risk.

We want to promote safe social networking – minimising the risks posed to you as a social media user.

Some of the risks are:

  • Disclosing private information about yourself/friends/family

  • Cyber- crime

  • Bullying

  • Online grooming

  • Phishing adverts on social media

  • Harassment

  • Extremist views

Things you can do to stay safe:

  • Don’t publish information that can identify you personally, such as phone number, photos of your home, your address and school or workplace.

  • Keep your profile ‘closed’ or ‘private’ so only your friends can view your profile

  • Use strong passwords include numbers, different case letters and symbols

  • The internet is forever – don’t publish things that may embarrass your or someone else in the future

  • Remember employers routinely check current or prospective employees' social media platforms. Be careful about what you say or post as it could jeopardise your employment.

  • Don’t post your holiday dates, or family photos whilst you’re away. Social media is a favourite tool for a modern burglar, your insurance company may also not pay out.

  • Check out the site privacy features – you can restrict strangers’ access to your profile.

  • Be on your guard about fake friend requests and phishing scams.

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