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Winter safety advice

Young paper girls and boys are being encouraged to stay safe on winter nights whether wind, rain or snow.

As part of safe & sound’s ‘darker nights’ campaign, Dudley Council is offering advice for parents to ensure their child’s safety as the winter nights draw in.

When delivering papers, parents should make sure children are easily seen and should explain to their child why they should wear something bright.

Youngsters should wear light coloured outer clothing as well as using reflective delivery bags so they are more visible to motorists. Bright or fluorescent clothes show up best by day and reflective material is best at night.

For children who do their delivery by bicycle, parents must make sure their children wear helmets and make regular checks that cycles are fully equipped with lights and reflectors. It is an offence if lights are not present.

Parents are also encouraged to insure their children’s bicycles against theft - they are not covered by the newsagents insurance but can be added to a householder’s home and contents policy it's also worth registering them on the immobilise property register.

All parents and children should be mindful to choose routes which avoid busy roads and isolated areas.

Newsagents have a legal obligation to register newspaper delivery children with the local authority. To register contact the Education Investigation Service on 01384 814314.

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