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Survey highlights how young people feel about e-safety

A survey of over two thousand young people across Dudley borough has given professionals an insight into how they feel about e-safety.


The cyber survey, commissioned through safe & sound, Dudley’s community safety partnership, aimed to find out how a young person’s health and wellbeing was affected by their online activity.

The results, which complement the findings of a recent needs assessment, have provided a better picture of what the online world looks like for young people.

Positively the survey shows that the majority are really safe online, which highlights the value of work already happening to promote e-safety across Dudley borough.

A three year strategy and an action plan for 2017/18 are now in place ensuring partners remain committed to keeping young people safe online by improving the support given to them and services available.

As part of this work and to help raise awareness of online safety, students from Dudley College have already created their own ‘sexting’ posters which are now being rolled out across the borough to highlight the dangers.

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